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Alice:The Wonderland




Dancer: Bri Wilson

Dancer: Bri Wilson


Converge Dance Festival, 2019!!!

The Gray will be presenting a new work, Alice:The Wonderland, in this year’s Converge Dance Festival and we couldn’t be more excited! The piece begins the exploration of the character of Alice from Alice in Wonderland and her relationship with her reality and with the reality around her. Taking the perspective of the world outside of her mind, this new work experiments, in collaboration with dancers Bri Wilson and Corbin Hall, with the subjects of unhealthy detachments, narcissistic brain function, and the ability to open one’s mind to outside perspectives.

We are so excited to be sharing the evening with many other incredible creators and people:

Meredith Pellon
Caitlyn Lamdin
Leah Russell
Ellensburg Dance Collective
Peter Kohring

More Info and Tickets: here